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Curriculum Vitae of A.J. (Tony) Ellis
T/as Electronic Transducers

Full Name: Anthony John Ellis.
Trade Name: Electronic Transducers.
Address: 31 View Road, Titahi Bay, PORIRUA, New Zealand.
Phone: +64 4 236-7556.
Born: Wellington, New Zealand, 3 May 1945.
Nationality: New Zealander.
Marital status: Single.


Primary: Central School, New Plymouth.
Kura Street School, Titahi Bay, Porirua.
Secondary: Mana College, Porirua.
Tertiary: Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.

Principal Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science (Victoria University, 1970).
Major subjects: Electronics and Radiophysics
Other subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Science, French.

Founder Fellow, Institution of Diagnostic Engineers.

Employment History:


Kodak NZ Ltd. (part-time) "Kodachrome" (colour slide) film splicing, processing, and mounting.


Electronics Technician, Campbell Island Expedition.
Duties: Sole charge position involving the operation and maintenance of ionospheric research equipment including satellite and VLF receivers, magnetometers, riometers, and all-sky camera. Assistance with maintenance of other equipment including HF communications receivers and transmitters, ionosonde, and seismometer. Support of stratospheric balloon project to monitor x-ray and cosmic ray flux at high altitudes.

1969 Research Assistant, Radiophysics Department at Victoria University of Wellington.
Duties: Operation and maintenance of satellite receivers, data reduction and computer-aided analysis of ionospheric data. Some computer programming in ALGOL and FORTRAN.


Graduated from Victoria University of Wellington as a Bachelor of Science majoring in Electronics and Radiophysics.


Service Engineer, Scientific and Industrial Engineering and Service Division,
Philips (N.Z.) Ltd (formerly EDAC).
Duties: Installation, maintenance, and repair of all EDAC,
Philips, and Pye-Unicam brand, and maintenance of many
other brands of scientific and industrial equipment
including: transmission and scanning electron microscopes;
nuclear instrumentation; x-ray diffraction, fluorescence,
and inspection equipment; UV, visible, and 1R spectrophotometers;
electronic weighing equipment, mobile radio transmitters, receivers,
and base-stations; metal detectors, welding controllers; spark eroders;
rf heating and welding equipment; data loggers; general test and measuring
equipment. Consultancy work in sound level, strain, and
vibration measurement (including balancing of rotating machinery).
Design and assembly of electronic weighing and control systems.
Assistance with telemetry and telecommunication system design and development.
Some computer programming in PL/1.


Manager, Scientific and Industrial Engineering and Service
Division, Philips (N.Z.) Ltd.
Duties: As above with additional administrative work
including customer liaison and the supervision of five
engineers and technicians. Practical work tending to
specialise in Electron-Optics service, weighing and control
equipment manufacture and system design, consultancy,
and maintenance of specialised equipment. Provisioning of
specialist training for service technicians both within
Philips and for corporate customers (such as NZ Forest
Service). Provision of training sessions for operators of
electron-optical, scientific and industrial x-ray, and test and
measuring equipment.
Philips NZ delegate to the 8th International Congress On Electron Microscopy
(Canberra, Australia, 1974). Consultancy work in stress, strain, and
vibration measurement and in weighing and batching system design.


Proprietor: Electronic Transducers.
Activities include the design (both electronic and
mechanical), development, documentation, and manufacture of
industrial and scientific equipment, and the servicing of
specialist electronic equipment. Design and manufacture is
mostly of electronic weighing and batching systems (for which
loadcells, microprocessor-based batching controllers, and
associated software are manufactured and integrated in quantity),
scientific instrumentation (mostly laboratory instrumentation and
electron-optical accessories), and professional communication
equipment. Servicing is primarily of weighing systems,
electron microscopes (and related ancillary equipment), and
laboratory instrumentation. In-house facilities include those for design,
PCB artwork and assembly, some sheet metal work, general draughting,
calibration of transducers, and programming in both assembly
and high-level languages (primarily Pascal and Modula-2).

Voluntary Work:

Wellington Area Coordinator, Mensa NZ Inc. (1988-2003)
New Zealand representative on General Council and Board of Directors,
Mensa International Limited. (1996)
Organiser of and speaker at the 1994, 1996, 1999, and 2000
Mensa New Zealand National Gatherings.
Chairman, Mensa New Zealand Inc. (1999 - 2002)
New Zealand representative on General Council and Member of the Board of Directors,
Mensa International Ltd. (1999 - 2002)

Clubs and Societies:

Mensa (High IQ Society)
Victoria University of Wellington Alumni Association
Institution of Diagnostic Engineers (London).

Other Interests:

Bush walks.


Mr. D. E. Jeffs
14 Freyberg Crescent, WAIKANAE
Phone: (04) 293-2453
(Mr. Jeffs was my immediate superior at Philips and is now retired)

Dr. G. H. Scott
Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences
P 0 Box 30-368
Phone: (04) 569-9059, Fax (04) 569-5016

Mr. Wayne Giles
Awarua Browns Lime Ltd, P.O. Box 102 WINTON, Southland.
Phone (03) 236-4107, Fax (03) 236-4114

Mr. S L. Pronk
A. I. Scientific
95 Landsborough Avenue, Scarborough, Qld 4020, AUSTRALIA
Phone +61 (07) 880-1621 Fax +61 (07) 881-0019